Powerflex Adjustable VW Adjustable Transporter Front kit PFF85-1301G / PFF85-1302G

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FRONT ARM FRONT & REAR BUSH. Complete VW Transporter T5/T6 inc. 4 motion kit. 

This kit consists of:

PFF85-1301G camber adjustment

This bush allows +/- 0.75 degrees of camber adjustment. For a non adjustable bush use PFF85-1301.

OEM Part Number: 7H0407183

PFF85-1302G caster adjustment 

This bush allows +/- 0.6 degrees of caster adjustment. For a non adjustable bush use PFF85-1302.

OEM Part Number: 7H0407182A


These bushes allow complete adjustment if your front end on your van. Allowing perfect alignment and the ability to dial in your fitment.

As with all the Powerflex bushes we supply, we offer a lifetime guarantee on them. Terms Apply.